We offer full range of immigration assistance and work with matters of any complexity. You may choose what suits you best: our start to finish package, a single service or any combination of services.

There are more than 90 visa subclasses in Australia. Choosing a right visa type and creating an immigration strategy is a complex process requiring professional expertise.

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How it works?

  • After you order this service, we will tell you which information and documents to email us for your assessment.

  • We review your information and documents and look at practical solutions for your desired immigration outcome.

  • We check your eligibility towards all legal requirements such as Australian Migration Regulations.

  • We verify all internal policies of the Department of Home Affairs (Practice Advice Manual) applicable to your circumstances.

  • Depending on your situation, we might need to review relevant Immigration law precedents.

  • We draft your personalised Immigration plan and a letter of advice explaining all your visa options. We are completely frank with our clients. If there are no options available, we will explain why and offer solutions what you might do to improve your chances.

  • If you have any questions about your Immigration plan, we arrange a Skype consultation or answer your questions by email depending on your preferences.

Receive professional immigration assistance by an Australian Registered Migration Agent throughout all the process.  

What does this service include?

   (1) Visa eligibility assessment

   (2) Assist you and guide you through the immigration process including required documentation

   (3) Prepare and check all you documents and information required to apply

   (4) Prepare and lodge documents and submissions for your skills assessment, State sponsorship, Expression of Interest (SkillSelect) (whatever is applicable)

   (5) Draft and submit your application. We do most of lodgements online via the account on the Department’s web site. Where necessary, we will lodge by post, fax or in person

   (6) Detailed and timely update on each step of your matter

   (7) Advice about visa conditions and requirements

   (8) Communicating with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection on your behalf. Preparing and lodging additional documents and submissions where required.

   (9) Immediately informing you about any requests or correspondence from the Department, progress of your matter and the outcome.

You might need professional immigration assistance or advice on a particular stage of your immigration process.

Choose the service which suits your needs best of all:

   (1) We may check your documents and application before you lodge it including skills assessment and sponsorship applications.

   (2) Advice on any specific immigration question. We offer Skype, email and face-to-face consultations.

   (3) Communication on your behalf with the Department of Home Affairs, Assessing Authority, Australian State or Territory government Agency on any specific matter

   (4) Legal submissions for your visa / skills assessment / nomination case

   (5) Other immigration assistance which you might need. Please enquire.

We are experienced in complex Immigration law matters and offer professional services on all difficult visa situations. Please be aware that appeals and requests should be lodged within particular time frame prescribed by law. Enquire as soon as possible to find out the deadline applicable to your situation.

How can we help in difficult visa situation?

   (1) Visa refusals. We may advice you whether you are eligible to appeal and lodge an application to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (former Migration Review Tribunal) on your behalf.

   (2) If your circumstances are unique and exceptional you might be able to request Ministerial Intervention. We may prepare and lodge a request on your behalf.

   (3) Legal submissions on Public Interest Criteria, Special Return Criteria, Waiver requests (Character, Health, ‘No Further Stay’)

   (4) If your visa is cancelled on character grounds we may prepare and lodge a request to revoke visa cancellation on your behalf.