We offer a complete partner migration service for a fixed fee of AUD$2,900 + GST. Our Australian Immigration Lawyer will handle your matter. We will manage your immigration matter from the beginning until the visa is granted.

Partner Migration Options and Visa Subclasses:

  • Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage visa
  • Subclass 309 Partner (Provisional) visa based on
        - Legal marriage OR
        - Intended marriage OR
        - De facto relationship
  • Subclass 820 Partner (Temporary) visa based on
        - Legal marriage OR
        - De facto relationship
  • Subclass 100 Partner (Migrant) visa
  • Subclass 801 Partner (Residence) visa


What does this service include?

  • Visa eligibility assessment to check all formal requirements for the visa eligibility and the Sponsor
  • Consultation about visa options, costs, visa criteria and conditions, processing times, procedures and any other questions which you might have
  • Individual list of documents based on a careful assessment of your relationship and circumstances
  • Drafting all necessary forms
  • Professionally drafted legal submissions in support of your matter for each visa criteria
  • Collating your documents and evidence
  • Lodgement, including the sponsorship and all supporting documentation via our Migration Agent’s IMMI account
  • Official representation before the Australian Department of Home Affairs and all communications with them until the visa is granted
  • Support by email and phone

What distinguishes your service from other migration agents?

Your matter will be handled by our Migration Agent, who is also an Immigration Lawyer. We draft and enclose full legal submissions in support of your matter when necessary to ensure each visa criteria are satisfied and supported by evidence. We lodge decision-ready files for possibly faster processing. We provide a decision-ready checklist for quick and smooth assessment.

Can you guarantee the positive outcome?

No, and any other migration agent is prohibited by law to guarantee the success. We will assess your chances and eligibility well before lodgement. We will use our best efforts, knowledge and experience to ensure your case is soundly presented.

Can you fast-track my visa processing?

The Department of Home Affairs does not offer priority processing. From our side we lodge decision-ready cases which are ready for the assessment which increases chances for faster processing. In particular circumstances we may lodge an urgency request on your behalf supported by evidence and relevant submissions.

Which costs are involved in the partner migration process?

We advise about fees and disbursements individually for each client. As a general guide only, you may take into account the following possible expenses:

  • Our professional fee AUD$2,900 + GST. We may offer 30% discount if we handle your Partner visa matter after we worked on your Prospective Marriage file. We also offer a discount for the ‘Second stage assessment’ if we handled your partner visa process.
  • Application charge payable to the Australian Department of Home Affairs AUD$7,850 for the main applicant
  • Medical examination
  • Biometrics collection
  • Translation of documents

Which documents will be required?

We provide an individual list of documents after careful assessment of all your circumstances and relationship details. In general, we need evidence of 4 aspects of your relationship (social, financial, commitment to each other and nature of the household), identity and character documents, prescribed forms, statutory declarations and other documents depending on your situation. On average we submit about 50 – 70 documents for each case and we will guide you and assist you to obtain all relevant documents and evidence

What is not included in your professional fee?

  • Visa charge payable to the Australian Department of Home Affairs and other disbursements
  • Health and character waiver requests and submissions
  • PIC4020 waivers
  • Special Return Criteria and other complex situations
  • Migration of your child if not initially included 


We will inform you in advance if your matter falls in one of the above categories